Thursday, 5 April 2012

Without personality, you cannot be beautiful

Recently journalist Samantha Brick has hit the headlines for publishing an article in which she talked about the difficulties of being so beautiful. Naturally this has caused considerable controversy in the press as well as on social media.

Now, in my opinion beauty is very subjective, after all what is attractive to one might not be to another and vice versa. but I am constantly struck by the continued emphasis on external looks, and the need to be seen to be attractive, to the extent that the cosmetics and cosmetic surgery industries are thriving.

But is it really beauty that makes you what you are? After all, your external appearance is merely a picture, but what's behind it?

Samantha Brick might be the most beautiful woman on earth, but actually it's her personality that is keeping her in the headlines, the things she's said, the clearly over inflated opinion she has of herself. She may be externally beautiful, but as a person, is she attractive? In fairness, none of us know Samantha Brick beyond what we have read about her, and so to say that she as a person is unattractive would be unfair, but just as we make snap judgements about someone based on their physical appearance, so we also judge people based on how they come across.

Those who know me know my views on external looks. My belief is that it is personality that makes us who we are, after all it is our personality that interacts with others - you cannot build meaningful relationships on looks alone, but you can build them on personality alone.

It's time we stopped caring so much about what's on the outside, and thought about what kind of person we are.

We are accountable for our actions, we are not accountable for our looks.

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