Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Have you got the fix X- factor?

So as we approach the X-factor final there is once again controversy and allegations of a fix. 

Today HMV launched a pre-order page for the single recorded by finalist Amelia Lily.  The page was for the “winning single,”

Obviously as soon as people realized what was going on the HMV bosses were quick to explain that this was a mere technicality and that pages should actually have been posted for all three of the finalists. 

But this isn’t the first time that Amelia has been at the centre of fix allegations.  After Frankie Coccoza was thrown off the show earlier in the series, Amelia and three other acts who had been iliminated by their mentors in the first round came back for a sing-off in which the public voted for one of them to come back into the show. 

However, an hour before the result was revealed, Scottish TV had announced that Amelia had won the public vote and was back in the show.  They also reported on mentor Kelly Rowland’s reaction.  As it turned out, Amelia was declared the act to go back into the show and Kelly Rowland’s reaction was exactly as had been described.  The justification?  Releases are prepared for all acts in advance and it was sheer coincidence that this one had been reported.  Really?  So we are led to believe that not only do the press pre-prepare a release beforehand (a concept which is actually quite feasible), but we are seemingly also to believe that the judges and contestants have pre-agreed and rehearsed their reactions?  After all, only by knowing the reaction could it surely have been known how Kelly Rowland was going to react. 

And all these technical glitches that just happen to happen to the show – are we really supposed to believe that they’re just technical glitches and that it is purely a coincidence that things really turn out exactly as they were accidentally pre-published?  I think there are just too many coincidences for the explanations to be credible.

One thing is for certain, if Amelia Lily is named the winner on Sunday night, there will almost certainly be questions and doubts among the public as to whether her win was genuine or pre-determined.

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